December 4, 2017

Pope Benedict XVI on the Mystery of the Incarnation

Madonna and Christ Child

"From the moment of His birth, He [Christ] belongs outside the realm of what is important and powerful in worldly terms. Yet it is this unimportant and powerless child that proves to be the truly powerful one, the One on whom ultimately everything depends. So one aspect of becoming a Christian is having to leave behind what everyone else thinks and wants, the prevailing standards... to enter the light of the truth of our being, and aided by that light to find the right path."

— Pope Benedict XVI

Prayer for Right Discernment

Bestow on us, we pray, O Lord, a spirit of always pondering on what is right and of hastening to carry it out, and, since without you we cannot exist, may we be enabled to live according to your will. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you and with the Holy Spirit, one God, forever. Amen.

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