November 8, 2017

St. Godfrey’s Last Words Where a Testimony of Faith

Saint Godfrey

Saint Godfrey was a 12th century German noble, born into wealth and prestige before encountering Saint Norbert at Cologne. Soon after, Godfrey was received into the Norbertine Order by Norbert himself. Godfrey eventually traveled to Cappenberg, his home. On his way back, he fell sick at Ilbenstadt. Surrounded by his Norbertine brethren and his brother Otto, Godfrey bid them all his peace:

"My brothers, through love for the Order, through zeal for the glory of God, I have occasionally reprimanded some of you too harshly. I beg your pardon now."

Moments later, seeing a vision of angels, Godfrey exclaimed, "How beautiful! How beautiful! The messengers of my Creator and God have finally come!" With this, the future saint died peacefully in the Lord. Humble St. Godfrey, interceed for us!

Almighty God, who strengthened St. Godfrey, so that, despising everything he possessed, he might happily attain to You, grant that we too, renouncing the riches of the world and its glory, may find our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, Who lives and reigns with You, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God forever. Amen.

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