November 16, 2017

Saint Gregory the Wonderworker on Humility

Saint Gregory the Wonderworker

Saint Gregory, the 3rd century bishop of Neocaesarea in Asia Minor, is usually remembered for his piety, pastoral wisdom and miracles. Known in his life as "Thaumaturgus", the wonderworker, he defended the doctrines of the Church against heretical attacks. Here he encourages all Christians to act with humility:
They who keep the commandment ought to keep it without any sordid covetousness, demanding neither recompense, nor reward, nor fee, nor anything else that bears the name of acknowledgment.
— St. Gregory Thaumaturgus 

Prayer for St. Gregory the Wonderworker's Intercession

O holy Saint Gregory, confessor and priest of the Lord, I pray that you would intercede with God on my behalf, that, being purified from all vice, I may please Him in all things, and that He will grant me also the peace possessed by all His servants. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. To Him be all glory and honor. Amen.

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