October 4, 2017

The Connection Between Hitler and Margaret Sanger

Adolf Hitler & Margaret Sanger

The National Socialist German Workers' Party, or Nazi Party, greatly admired the policies and practices of the American eugenics movement advanced by Margaret Sanger and her fellow Progressives. In fact, Hitler received some of his most maniacal and destructive ideas directly from Sanger. The Nazi’s literally lifted the "Final Solution" from the blueprints and example of America’s eugenicists. This is the Hitler Margaret Sanger connection that most contemporary observers ignore.

Today, if you pick up a Planned Parenthood brochure you get the impression its founder Margaret Sanger, was a champion of choice. She wanted all woman to decide whether, and how many, children to have. The real Margaret Sanger was opposed to choice. Her personal slogan, published in her magazine Birth Control Review, embodies her mission: "More children from the fit. Fewer children from the unfit. This is the chief aim of birth control." Margaret Sanger said, if you are unfit then you should be prevented from reproducing — no children whatsoever. Ideally, this was done by persuasion, but, if a person refused, it was by force.

Progressive eugenicists in America, among whom Margaret Sanger was an ardent force, had two approaches to achieving their goal of preventing the unfit from reproducing. The first was forced sterilization. The other was euthanasia which meant killing off the sick, the disabled, the old, and anyone deemed "not viable."

When the Nazis learned of what the American progressives were proposing they were deeply impressed. A California progressive Paul Popenoe said if we're going to have euthanasia we can't kill people one at a time. There should be a more systematic way of doing it. Popenoe proposed "lethal chambers" to carry this out.

The Nazis would implement in full what America's eugenicists proposed. The Nazi sterilization laws of 1933, and the Nazi euthanasia laws of 1935, were in fact the first gas chambers. The Nazis initially used carbon monoxide gas to kill, not Jews, but the sick, the disabled and the feeble, those Hitler called imbeciles. The Nazis adopted wholesale the methods supplied by Margaret Sanger and her American progressive allies in the eugenics movement. Let us pray for an end to abortion.

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