September 25, 2017

The Miraculous Intercession of Sts. Cosmas and Damian

Saints Cosmas and Damian

Many miracles were worked following the martyrdoms of Saints Cosmas and Damian. The Orthodox Church recounts several intercessions owed to them, including this one: There lived in Thereman, near the church of Cosmas and Damian, a man named Malchus. One day, he departed on an extended journey, leaving his wife behind. Before doing so, he prayed to Sts. Cosmas and Damian, entrusting her to their heavenly protection. A demon assumed the appearance of one of Malchus’ friends in an attempt to kill her. The demon called on the woman, saying that Malchus had sent him to bring her to him. Believing him, she went along. The demon brought her to a solitary place with the intention of ending her life. Sensing mortal danger was imminent, the woman prayed to God for help.

Suddenly, two fearsome men appeared. The devil let go of the woman, fleeing in such haste, he fell off a cliff. The men accompanied the woman home where she thanked them effusively saying “My deliverers, to whom I shall be grateful to the end of my days, what are your names?” They replied, “We are the servants of Christ, Cosmas and Damian,” before disappearing. The woman joyously told everyone about what had happened to her. In the church of Cosmas and Damian, she went up to the icon of the holy brothers, and Glorifying God, tearfully offered prayers of thanksgiving for her deliverance. From that on, time the holy brothers were seen as protectors of the inviolability of marriage, and conjugal harmony.

Together with Saint Luke, Sts. Cosmas and Damian are the patron saints of doctors and the medical profession. They are invoked in the Canon of the Mass, in the prayer known as the Communicantes, and in the Litany of Saints. Their example as men of profound faith and science learning exemplifies God's blessing upon the art of healing and that respect for every form of science, which is an important part of Christian tradition. May you be magnified, Almighty Lord, by the memory of your Sts. Cosmas and Damian, for with providence beyond words, you have conferred upon them everlasting glory, and on us, your unfailing love.

Prayer to Sts. Cosmas and Damian for Healing

O Saints Cosmas and Damian, we honor and venerate you with humility and affection. We invoke you, glorious martyrs of Our Lord, who exercised the art of healing with charity and sacrifice, curing the incurable and ministering with the aid of medicine through Christ. Now that you are more powerful in heaven, at the sight of the many ills which oppress us, the spiritual and corporal diseases that surround us, hasten your help. We do not ask for ourselves only, but for our relatives, families, friends, and enemies, so that, restored to health of soul and body, we can give glory to God, and honor to you, our saintly protectors. Amen.

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