September 25, 2017

Can You Name These American-Born Venerables?

Catholic Venerables

Church Pop has an excellent quiz all about the American-born venerabili. Their inspiring stories show us that heroic virtue is indeed possible regardless of our circumstances, abilities, class, or calling. How many of these venerables on the path to sainthood are you able to recognize? [See sample questions below.]

Aided by his parishioners he founded the Knights of Columbus. The initial idea was to build a fund to provide financial assistance for immigrants, widows and orphans in case the head of the family died. Eventually, thanks to his tireless work and that of his parishioners, the Knights of Columbus grew into the largest Catholic service fraternity. Today the Knights of Columbus maintain their original vision in protecting the family, volunteering and providing financial assistance.

She was born in Pennsylvania and was married to an Episcopalian pastor. Soon after they both converted to Catholicism, her husband insisted on becoming a priest. She renounced her marital rights and restarted her life in England, where she founded the Society of the Holy Child Jesus. The purpose of the Society was the education of young women. She encouraged her students to study Greek and Latin, as well as art and dance. Despite taking up a religious vocation, still her husband pursued her, and she was subject to family, marital and court debacles. She had five children; two of whom died at an early age and two others who she lost to her husband in court battles. She expressed that losing her children was her greatest suffering. She was declared venerable in 1992 by Saint John Paul II.

This simple priest from New York fought in the battle of Gettysburg and was later a businessman. He had a special devotion to Our Lady of Victory, and under her patronage did establish a minor basilica, an infant home, a shelter for unwed mothers, a boy’s orphanage, a hospital and an elementary and high school. [Collectively referred to as a "city of charity".] He was a gifted administrator with a heart for mercy. He died peacefully after lapsing into a coma at the age of 94.

To take the quiz on the American-born venerables in full go HERE.

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