August 21, 2017

Video: Pro-Choice Professor Makes Zero Sense

WARNINGIllogic Alert! If you value logical, empirically based argumentation, the dignity of persons as made in the image of God, or just plain human decency, the following video will offend you in multiple ways. Viewer discretion is advised.

Philosophy Time is a social media Q & A program aimed at Millennials covering everything from the nature of metaphor to the intricacies of how our society defines beauty. Here Prof. Liz Harman of Princeton University discusses the ethics of abortion with actor and director James Franco and Eliot Michaelson, a lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at King’s College London. It is painful to watch.

Prof. Harman employs circular reasoning, a logical fallacy in which one begins with what they are trying to end with - i.e., her premises and conclusion appear to be the same or nearly indistinguishable. Moreover, if you were to use the word "slave" instead of "fetus" in the professor's torchered argument, people would dismiss it as craven, illogical and demented. Polling suggests Millennials are the most pro-life generational demographic. This video might explain (in part) why.

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