July 21, 2017

Saint Lawrence of Brindisi on Prayer

Saint Lawrence of Brindisi
Oh, if we were to consider this reality, that God is truly present to us when we speak to him in prayer; that he truly listens to our prayers, even if we pray only with our hearts and minds. …[N]ot only is he present and hears us, indeed he willingly and with the greatest of pleasure wishes to grant our requests.
— St. Lawrence of Brindisi

Prayer for St. Lawrence of Brindisi's Intercession

St Lawrence of Brindisi, intercede for us and teach us to love Sacred Scripture, to increase our familiarity with it, and to cultivate daily our friendship with the Lord in prayer, so that our every action, our every activity, may have its beginning and its fulfilment in him. Through Jesus Christ, your Son, Our Lord and Savior. Amen.

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