March 21, 2017

Powerful Pro-Life Poster: “My Mom is Going to Kill Me”

Pro-life AD

This pro-life poster illustrates the truth that abortion is the taking of innocent human life. World wide, about 115,00 unborn children are aborted each day.

Prolife poster

In the above image, an expectant mother thinks to herself, "My mom is going to kill me." Meanwhile, her unborn child, griped by an equal foreboding worries, "My mom is going to kill me." May all expectant mothers have courage to act in love.

Almighty God, grant us, we pray that all unborn children will be loved and kept safe until the joyous day of their birth. May the Lord, who rescues the life of the poor and the weak from the power of the wicked, send an angel to guard and protect all unborn children and expectant mothers. We pray to the Lord. Amen.

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