February 19, 2017

Saint John Paul II on the Sanctity of Life

St. John Paul II
The legalization of the termination of pregnancy is none other than the authorization given to an adult, with the approval of an established law, to take the lives of children yet unborn and thus incapable of defending themselves. It is difficult to imagine a more unjust situation, and it is very difficult to speak of obsession in a matter such as this, where we are dealing with a fundamental imperative of every good conscience — the defense of the right to life of an innocent and defenseless human being.
— St. John Paul II

Prayer to God the Father of all Life

Eternal God, You have revealed Yourself as the Father of all Life. We praise You for the Fatherly care which You extend to all creation, and especially to us, made in Your image and likeness. Father, extend Your hand of protection to all those threatened by abortion, and save them from its destructive power. Strengthen all fathers so that they never give in to the fears that may tempt them to facilitate abortions. Bless our families and bless our country, that we may always welcome and nurture the life of which You are the source and the Eternal Father. Amen.

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