February 25, 2017

Pray More Online Lenten Retreat 2017


Attention Big C Catholics readers. We recently received from Pray More Novenas, the following announcement which we submit for your consideration. 


The Pray More Lenten Retreat is coming up (Lent starts in one week!), and we wanted to let you know more about it...

The Pray More Lenten Retreat is an online retreat to help you spend more time in prayer this Lent to prepare to commemorate our Lord's Passion, His Death and Resurrection at Easter.

If you sign up for the retreat, you will receive:

+ 20 Video & Audio Presentations with Transcripts, and

+ 20 Reflective Study Guides - one for each talk

We know how busy you are :)

That's why the retreat is self-paced; that means you can watch, listen or read the presentations whenever you have the time to do it.

We hope the Pray More Lenten Retreat will help you intentionally work on your prayer life this Lent — wherever you are, and whenever you have the time.

The talks are focused on prayer, the season of Lent and learning from the lives of the saints.

Here are some of the topics:

+ Pray Like a Saint: Wisdom for Growing Closer to God
+ A Lent Well Spent
+ Spiritual GPS: The 3 Stages of the Spiritual Life
+ Radical Love: Mother Teresa
+ Engaging a Season of Struggle with a Spirit of Joy
+ Redemptive Suffering
+ The Joy of Reconciliation
+ Bleeding Hands, Weeping Stone: Miracles of the Church
+ Mother Mary with a Side of Grace

That's not all! You can see the rest of the topics of each of the talks here:


That's also where you can sign up for the retreat :)

Communication is key in every relationship, and that’s why regular prayer — praying more — is a must, if we hope to have an intimate relationship with Christ.

[ ... ]

All of the materials will be released on Wednesday, March 1st. That's the first day of Lent.

God bless you!

John-Paul & Annie - PrayMoreNovenas.com


Please share this information on social media and alert all interested Catholics. Thank you.

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