January 2, 2017

While Some in the West Equivocate, ISIS Wages War on Christianity

We have posted several times on the persecution of Christians by ISIS in the Middle East and elsewhere. Our brothers and sisters in faith face intimidation, torture and death simply for being disciples of Christ. Last January, the Vatican condemned ISIS for razing Iraq's oldest Christian monastery. In March, four religious sisters of the Missionaries of Charity, along with 12 other people were murdered in Yemen after ISIS terrorists attacked a home for the sick and elderly. In July, French priest, Father Jacques Hamel was martyred while saying Mass. Other ISIS atrocities against Christians include: assassinations of Church leaders, mass murders and deportations, kidnapping for ransom, sexual enslavement and systematic rape of girls and women, forcible conversions to Islam, as well as, the destruction of Christian churches, monasteries, cemeteries, and artifacts.

The violent genocide against Christians by militant Islamic extremists is met by some (particularly in the West) with equivocation, denial and indifference. Such individuals take umbrage with the notion that ISIS and affiliated groups are waging a "war of religion". Anyone suggesting this is labeled Islamophobic, a warmonger or worse. Absent PC sensitivities, ISIS readily admits to doing so.

Dabiq is a glossy, monthly online magazine published by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant for the purpose of propaganda and recruitment. Its July 2016 front cover (pictured above) shows an Islamic State fighter tearing down a cross from atop a church. The issue entitled "Break the Cross", features a 17-page denunciation of Christians for following Satan and teaching that Jesus was the Son of God. ISIS will not stop until Christianity is abolished and Christians are exterminated. Pope Francis has rightly called the current struggled with militant Islamic extremists, a "Third World War". Let us pray that the world may recognize this scourge of senseless violence as the diabolical threat to civilization that it is.

Prayer for the Persecuted Church

O great cloud of witnesses. O host of Angels and Saints worshiping God for all eternity! O holy ones in heaven above, Pray for us.

You who were once part of the Church on earth, you who were faithful servants of the Church Militant, you who suffered for the love of God, Pray for us.

In all ages, the Church is persecuted and hated. We pray, O Lord, through your holy Saints, that we may be blessed with the freedom to worship and adore you at all times. We pray that you may bless your Church throughout the world and me, personally, with your grace to persevere with love in the face of persecution just as You did on the Cross. Amen. Sts. Perpetua and Felicity pray for us.

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