January 30, 2017

Prayer of Saint John Bosco for the Salvation of Souls

St. John Bosco
My God, fortunate is he who has tasted how sweet it is to work for the salvation of souls! He is not afraid of cold or heat, hunger or thirst, offenses or insults, no, not even of death. O Lord, give me crosses and thorns, persecutions of all kinds, if only I can save souls, and my own among them. Give me souls, Lord, and take all the rest. Only when I know that the devil has given up plotting against souls, shall I cease trying new ways of saving them from his deceits and snares. O Lord, I wish to make a complete sacrifice of my life to You, to work for Your glory until I draw my last breath, bearing patiently all adversities and contradictions in my work. Help me to spend all my strength for the salvation of souls.
— St. John Bosco

Composed by Saint John Bosco, this prayer expresses the ineffable joys and singularity of purpose that disciples of Christ experience in living their lives of heroic virtue and selflessness for the salvation of souls and the glory of God.

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