December 13, 2016

Saint Lucy’s Profession of Faith Before the Court

St. Lucy

Saint Lucy prayed before the tomb of Saint Agatha that her ailing mother be cured. When her mother’s health was restored, St. Lucy immediately asked to remain a virgin and distributed her dowry among the poor. Upon hearing of this, the man to whom Lucy's parents had promised her in marriage against her will, reported her to the governor as a Christian. The judge condemned Lucy to be publicly humiliated in a place of shame. Lucy, with the help of the Holy Spirit, stood firm and professed her faith before the court.
To God's servants the right words will not be wanting, for the Holy Spirit speaks in us. All who live piously and chastely are temples of the Holy Spirit. If I am dishonored against my will, my chastity will secure for me a double crown of victory.
St Lucy, help us to remain steadfast in faith as we live in imitation of Christ.

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