December 16, 2016

Blogs of Note 2016 | Our Survey of the Best of the Catholic Blogosphere

The following websites were featured in our monthly "Blog of Note" series which highlights the very best of the Catholic blogosphere. Each blog is faithful to the Magisterium and seeks the fullness of truth by way of promoting the Gospel of Life and the imitation of Christ. All will repay your frequent visitation.

January's blog of note is The Catholic Gentleman’s Guide. The site features numerous articles about authentic manliness in the imitation of Christ. Site creator, Matthew, a husband, father of three and lifelong Catholic, realized that: "Our modern world can be a challenging place in which to live as a Catholic Man." He created Catholic Gentleman’s Guide to: "provide a source of encouragement and Faith formation for Catholic Men in all walks of life as we persevere on our paths of manly holiness!" The Catholic Gentleman’s Guide is a clarion call to Catholic men to fulfill their duties as sons, brothers, fathers, husbands, and disciples. 

February’s blog of note, A Catholic Mom in Hawaii, has long been a fixture in the Catholic blogosphere. It is the creation of wife, mother, pro-life advocate, resident of Hawaii, and devoted Catholic, Esther Gefroh, who since April 2006, has contemplated, observed and celebrated the six seasons of the Church’s liturgical year. In addition, Esther writes about numerous issues concerning the Church, including; the sanctity of life, natural marriage and the family, Catholics of heroic virtue, both past and present, the persecution of Christians around the world, books of interest, devotions, prayer, current events within and impacting Catholicism, and much more. A Catholic Mom in Hawaii is well worth your time and frequent visitation. Make it a part of your faith related internet itinerary.

March's blog of note is Catholic first and always while also incorporating gems of our nation's Judeo-Catholic heritage. Spirit-Digest is an online clearinghouse of information, bringing you insightful content from across the Catholic blogosphere. If you appreciate faithful posts of interest to orthodox Catholics, with a focus on theology, the complementarity of reason and revelation, and other issues in the life of the Church, Spirit-Digest is a website worth your time. Articles about our constitutional republic and the liberties found therein, as well as threats to freedom/ human dignity at home and abroad, are also featured. Further down the page are links to various Catholic resources. The content is updated daily from a variety of sources. For this reason, Spirit-Digest is one of the sites I visit everyday. [Plus, all visitors are prayed for in a daily rosary. Grace + information!]

Since April 2009, the blog, Shameless Popery, has provided inquiring Catholics faithful, thoughtful articles about their faith. These include theological commentary, apologetics, scriptural exegesis and more. With writing that is clear and concise, Joe Heschmeyer, a seminarian for the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, tackles questions of interest from the controversial to the sublime. Recent post titles include "It’s Time to Re-Re-Evangelize the World", "The Incomprehensible Love of the Holy Trinity", "The Catholic Church Doesn’t Look Like the Early Church? Good." and "Why I’m a Theist, a Christian, a Catholic, and a Seminarian". The later, a 35 minute video, is worth watching. High school students especially would benefit from Heschmeyer's testimony.

June's blog of note, Domine mihi hanc aquam!, has long been a fixture of the Catholic blogosphere. Since November, 2005, Fr. Philip Neri Powell, a Dominican seminary professor, formation advisor and parish priest, has preached and commented about Christ, the Church, popular culture and events of consequence. Featured are Fr. Powell's thought provoking homilies through which readers know and love the mind of Christ. In addition to faithful homiletics, readers are just as likely to see advice for discerning a religious vocation, a presentation of original paintings or a polemic against the "Culture of Death." Domine mihi hanc aquam! advances the Good News as part of the New Evangelization in the best sense.

July's blog of note, Speak the Truth in Love, originates in  Alberta, Canada, and began publication in May, 2010. It features articles on a wide range of topics of interest to Catholics regarding the Church, and current issues within society that enervate the culture. Blog author, Randy, a convert from a reformed protestant tradition, who is "trying to understand Catholicism and help others understand it," offers original, thought-provoking commentary. This husband and father of six knows the joys and challenges of raising a Catholic family amid the increasingly hostile secular mentality. Speak the Truth in Love was a recipient of our 2016 New Evangelization Award for Excellence in Catholic Blogging. This award honors Catholic bloggers for their unique contributions in evangelizing a society that is increasingly hostile toward Judeo-Christian principles and the "culture of life".

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