October 31, 2016

Solemnity of All Saints | The Church Triumphant: Our Guides and Intercessors in Heaven

The Communion of Saints

In honor of the Solemnity of All Saints, here is a very brief survey of the Church Triumphant. The list is by no means definitive. It is impossible to give an exact number of saints. The majority are known only to God. The Virgin Mary has been omitted out of respect. The Mother of the Savior has a significant place in the divine economy of salvation. Contrary to popular imagination, the saints lived lives remarkably similar to our own. Living ordinary lives in extraordinary ways they were able to achieve heroic virtue. Such a life is possible for us today, with grace, unrelenting prayer, the sacraments and the saints as our guides. The number next to each saint is not intended as a rank. We have tried to include individuals who reflect the scope of a universal Church that spans two millennia.

(For more information about a saint, click on the saint's name.)

1. St. Peter - first pope, apostle, martyr
2. St. Paul of Tarsusmissionary, author of scripture, martyr
3. St. John - apostle, evangelist, bishop
4. St. Thomas - apostle, missionary, martyr
5. St. Andrew - apostle, missionary, martyr
6. St. James the Greater - apostle, martyr
7. St. Luke - evangelist, missionary martyr
8. St. Matthew - evangelist, apostle, martyr
10. St. James the Lesser - apostle, martyr
11. St. Mark - evangelist, martyr
12. St. Bartholomew - apostle, missionary, martyr
13. St. Simon the Zealot - apostle, preacher, martyr
14. St. Thaddeaus or Jude - apostle, missionary, martyr, wrote epistle
15. St. Matthias - apostle, martyr
16. St. Philip - apostle, martyr, missionary
17. St. Ambrose - bishop, theologian, Doctor of the Church
18. St. Gregory the Greatpontiff, theologian, Doctor of the Church
19. St. Augustine of Hippo - bishop, theologian, Doctor of the Church
20. St. Jerome - biblical scholar, priest, Doctor of the Church
21. St. John Chrysostom archbishop, preacher, Doctor of the Church
22. St. Basil the Great - bishop, theologian, Doctor of the Church
23. St. Gregory of Nazianzus - archbishop, theologian, Doctor of the Church
24. St. Athanasius - archbishop, theologian, Doctor of the Church
25. St. Peter Chrysologus - bishop, preacher, Doctor of the Church
26. St. Hilary of Poitiers - bishop, apologist, Doctor of the Church
27. St. Cyril of Jerusalem - bishop, theologian, Doctor of the Church
28. St. Cyril of Alexandria - archbishop, theologian, Doctor of the Church
29. St. Ephremdeacon, prolific author, Doctor of the Church
30. St. Bede the Venerable - priest, monk, Doctor of the Church
31. St John of Damascus - priest, monk, Doctor of the Church
32. St. Gregory VIIpontiff, great reforming pope
33. St. Albert the Great - bishop, theologian, Doctor of the Church
34. St. Anthony of Padua - priest, monk, Doctor of the Church
35. St. Francis of Assisi - monk, mystic, stigmatist, founder
36. St. Bonaventure cardinal-priest, Doctor of the Church, friar
37. St. Dominic - priest, founder, spread devotion to the Rosary
38. St. Thomas Aquinas - priest, theologian, Doctor of the Church
39. St. Catherine of Siena - mystic, advisor to pope, Doctor of the Church
40. Bartolomé de las Casas friar, bishop, missionary
41. St. Ignatius of Loyola - priest, missionary, theologian, founder
42. St. Anselm - theologian, archbishop, monk, Doctor of the Church
43. St Isidore of Seville - bishop, Doctor of the Church
44. St. Leo the Greatpontiff, Doctor of the Church
45. St. Peter Damian - cardinal-bishop, monk, Doctor of the Church
46. St. Bernard of Clairvaux - priest, founder, Doctor of the Church
47. St. Peter Canisius - priest, Doctor of the Church
48. St. John of the Cross - mystic, writer, founder, Doctor of the Church
49. St. Teresa of Ávila - mystic, writer, foundress, Doctor of the Church
50. St. John of Ávila - mystic, priest, Doctor of the Church
51. St. Charles Borromeo - cardinal-archbishop, reformer
52. St. Philip Neri - priest, founder, reformer
53. St. Robert Bellarmine - cardinal, reformer, Doctor of the Church
54. St. Vincent de Paul - priest, founder
55. St. Patrick - missionary, bishop, preacher
56. St. Francis de Sales - priest, writer
57. St. Irenaeus - bishop, apologist, theologian
58. St. Polycarp - priest, theologian, martyr
59. St. Ignatius of Antioch - bishop, theologian, martyr
60. St. Alphonsus de Liguori - bishop, founder, Doctor of the Church
61. St. Clare of Assisi - foundress, abbess 
62. St. Joan of Arc - martyr
63. St. Thomas More - lawyer, statesman, martyr
64. St. Lawrence of Brindisi - priest, diplomat, Doctor of the Church
65. St. Hildegard of Bingen - visionary, abbess, Doctor of the Church
66. St. Francis Xavier - priest, founder, missionary
67. St. John Vianney - priest, confessor
68. Fr. Jacques Hamel - French priest, martyr killed by ISIS
69. St. Pius Vpontiff, instrumental in the Council of Trent 
70. St. Martin de Porres - Dominican third order
71. St. John Paul IIpontiff, philosopher
72. St. Joseph - spouse of the Blessed Virgin, foster father of Jesus
73. St. Mary Magdalene- apostle to the apostles
74. St. Monica - mother of Augustine
75. Bl. John Henry Newman - cardinal, convert, theologian
76. St. Thérèse of Lisieux nun, author, Doctor of the Church
77. St. Teresa of Calcutta - nun, foundress
78. St. Stephen - first martyr, deacon
79. St. Faustina - nun, apostle of Divine Mercy
80. St. Macrina the Younger - sister of Sts. Gregory of Nyssa and Basil
81. St. Anthony - hermit,  father of monasticism
82. St. Louis Mary de Montfort - priest, confessor, founder and theologian
83. St. John the Baptist - preacher, forerunner of Christ
84. St. Valentine - priest, martyr
85. St. Lucy - martyr, virgin
86. St. Bernadette Soubirous - nun, visionary
87. St. Nicholas - bishop
88. St. Padre Pio - priest, stigmatist, visionary
89. St. Katharine Drexel - nun, foundress
90. St. Elizabeth of Hungary - countess, served the poor
91. St. Elizabeth Ann Seton - nun, foundress, educator
92. St. Benedict of Nursia - monastic, founder
93. St. Brigid of Ireland - nun, abbess, founder
94. St. Catherine of Alexandria - virgin, martyr
95. St. Columbanus - missionary, monk, founder
96. St. John Bosco - priest, educator, founder
97. St. Joseph of Cupertino - friar, mystic, confessor
98. St. Frances Xavier Cabrini - virgin, nun, foundress
99. St. Martin of Toursbishop, monk
100. St. Alexander of Jerusalem - bishop, martyr
101. St. Catherine Labouré - nun, visionary
102. St. Anthony Claret bishop, missionary, founder
103. St. Paul of the Cross - priest, mystic, founder
104. St. Isaac Jogues and Companions priests, missionaries, martyrs
105. St. André Bessette brother, Congregation of Holy Cross
106. St. Januarius - bishop, martyr, miracle worker 
107. St. Aloysius Gonzaga - Jesuit, 'hidden martyr'
108. St. Rose of LimaThird Order of Saint Dominic, ascetic
109. St. Wenceslaus - king, reformer, martyr
110. St. Stephen of Hungary - king, defender of the Faith
111. St. Angela Merici - religious, virgin, foundress
112. St. Jeanne Jugan - religious, virgin, foundress
113. St. Lawrence - deacon, martyr
114. St. Henry the Pius - king, builder, advocate for the Church
115. St. Josaphat - bishop, martyr, Ruthenian rite
116. St. Juan Diego - visionary, convert, hermit
117. St. Agnes - virgin and martyr
118. St. Bruno - priest, monastic, founder
119. St. Lorenzo Ruiz and Companions - martyrs
120. St. Joseph Calasanz - priest, founder, educator
121. St. Louis IX - king, defender of the faith
122. St. Jane Frances de Chantal - religious, foundress
123. St. Martha of Bethany - friend of Jesus, sister of Mary and Lazarus
124. St. Maria Goretti - virgin and martyr
125. St. Junipero Serra - Franciscan, missionary
126. St. Agatha - virgin and martyr
127. St. John Fisher - priest, cardinal, martyr
128. St. John XXIII - pontiff who called Vatican II
129. St. Andrew Kim Taegon and CompanionsKorean martyrs
130. St. John Eudes - priest, missionary and founder
131. St. Apollinaris - bishop and martyr
132. St. Camillus de Lellis - former soldier, founder
133. St. Stanislaus - bishop, martyr, patron of Poland
134. St. Bridget of Sweden - religious, mystic, visionary, foundress
135. St. Damien of Molokai - priest, missionary
136. St. John of God - founded religious institute to care for the poor sick
137. St. Thomas Becket - bishop, defender of the Faith, martyr
138. Sts. Cosmas and Damian - physicians, martyrs
139. St. Peter Claver - Jesuit missionary, 'slave to slaves'
140. St. Kateri Tekakwitha - virgin, convert, ascetic
141. St. Augustine Zhao Rong and Companions - Chinese martyrs
142. St. Paulinus of Nola - bishop, commentator, poet, counselor
143. St. Barnabas - apostle, missionary, martyr
144. St. Norbert - founder, Praemonstratensian Order
145. St. Justin - defender of the Faith, martyr
146. Sts. Timothy and Titus - disciples of Paul, bishops
147. St. John Neumann - Redemptorist, bishop, missionary
148. St. Martin I - pontiff, defender of the Faith, martyr
149. Sts. Pontian and Hippolytus - enemies who became friends, martyrs
150. St. Gemma Galgani - mystic, victim soul, "The Gem of Christ"

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