August 11, 2016

St. Jane Frances de Chantal's Word's of Encouragement to Her Religious Community

St. Jane Frances de Chantal'

Saint Jane Frances de Chantal was a prolific writer of letters concerning the spiritual formation and well-being of her correspondents. Men and women from every walk of life sought out her wisdom and insight. In this letter to her fellow Visitation sisters, Mother Chantal dispenses with motherly tenderness advice to her 'daughters' on successfully living out their vocations.

Letter of Mother Chantal to the Sisters of the Monastery of the Visitation (Annecy, France)

16th February 1615

Excuse me, I beg of you, my dearest and very good Sisters, if I do not answer you each one separately, which indeed the kindness you have shown me deserves that I should do, and my affection for you would desire: but neither head nor leisure permit it, and besides, God be thanked for it, I see no necessity to write to any one in particular. Persevere in your good desires and every day become more faithful to the observance of your holy Rules and love them better. This alone, believe me, should be your sole care. Cast not a look upon any thing else and be assured that you will walk upon the right road and will make a good and prosperous voyage. May God in His infinite mercy be with you and bless you so that you may perfectly accomplish His holy will. With all my heart I desire this, for I love you all, and each one individually, with the greatest possible affection, far beyond what you could imagine. This I tell you all, not forgetting those who have not written to me. God bless you, my very dear daughters. ...

Love and desire. pray, I beseech you, for the needs of your poor Mother, who is very affectionately,

Your most humble and unworthy servant in our Lord.

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