July 4, 2016

Saint Elizabeth of Portugal's Response to Flattery & A Miracle Ascribed to Her

St. Elizabeth of Portugal

Saint Elizabeth of Portugal was known for her selflessness especially toward the poor and downtrodden. As Queen, she also brooked no injustice, provided reparation was within her means. When others attempted to laud her generosity she replied:
God made me queen so that I may serve others.
Flowers to Gold Coins

According to legend, Queen Elizabeth had a dream one night in which God asked her to build a church dedicated to the Holy Spirit. The next morning, she had one of her chaplains celebrate Mass, and while attending the Holy Sacrifice she received further clarification.

She ordered a construction crew to be assembled and brought to her.

She told them of the plan, and specified the site for the church. The workmen went to the location, and could not believe their eyes: The foundation was already poured, and the sketches for the church were waiting for them. The men went to work and, as usual, the queen paid regular visits.

One day, while Elizabeth was supervising the work, a girl walked up to her to offer an armful of flowers. The queen took them and distributed them, one by one, to each workman saying: "Let us see if today you will work hard and well for this pay."

Each worker graciously accepted his flower, and reverently put it in his satchel. When the day's work was done, each man found not a flower in his satchel, but a gold coin.

Revised excerpt from "Elizabeth of Portugal: 'For, in Her is a Spirit Intelligent, Holy, Unique'", EWTN.

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