June 21, 2016

Novena for the Persecuted Church & Religious Freedom | ‏| 2016 Day 9

June 21, 2016

On this final day of the Novena for the Persecuted Church and Religious Freedom, we give thanks to God. If you have not been greatly persecuted for your faith in Jesus, then give thanks to God for the blessing of not having that cross. If you have been persecuted for your faith in Jesus, then give thanks to God for allowing you to partake in His cross.

In both cases, if we continue to follow Him faithfully, we will be able to partake in His resurrection.

Day 9 - The Novena for the Persecuted Church

O great cloud of witnesses! O host of Angels and Saints worshiping God for all eternity! O holy ones in heaven above, Pray for us!

You who were once part of the Church on earth, you who were faithful servants of the Church Militant, you who suffered for the love of God, Pray for us!

In all ages, the Church is persecuted and hated. We pray, oh Lord, through your holy Saints, that we may be blessed with the freedom to worship and adore you at all times! We pray that you may bless your Church throughout the world and me, personally, with your grace to persevere with love in the face of persecution just as You did on the Cross.

(Mention your personal intentions here)

St. Edmond Campion – Pray for us!
St. Ursula – Pray for us!
Blessed Peter To Rot – Pray for us!
St. Dominic Henares – Pray for us!
St. Erasmus – Pray for us!
Blessed Father Jerzy Popieluszko – Pray for us!
Saints Nunilo and Alodia – Pray for us!
St. Andrew Bobola – Pray for us!
St. Miguel de la Mora – Pray for us!
St. Tatiana – Pray for us!
Pope Saint Sixtus II – Pray for us!


Prayer of Petition

O God, who did inflame the hearts of your sainted Martyrs with an admirable zeal for the salvation of souls, grant us, we beseech You, what we now ask (mention you intention), so that the favors obtained through their intercession may make manifest before men the power and glory of your name. Amen.

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