June 18, 2016

Novena for the Persecuted Church & Religious Freedom | ‏| 2016 Day 6

Martyrdom of St. Demetrios

There are many places in the world where the Church is not welcomed or wanted by other religions. There are many places where our churches are burned and our brothers and sisters are killed by those who do not understand Christ.

Today we remember those who persecute the Church. Pray that we as Christians may never persecute other faiths.

Day 6 - The Novena for the Persecuted Church

O great cloud of witnesses! O host of Angels and Saints worshiping God for all eternity! O holy ones in heaven above, Pray for us!

You who were once part of the Church on earth, you who were faithful servants of the Church Militant, you who suffered for the love of God, Pray for us!

In all ages, the Church is persecuted and hated. We pray, oh Lord, through your holy Saints, that we may be blessed with the freedom to worship and adore you at all times! We pray that you may bless your Church throughout the world and me, personally, with your grace to persevere with love in the face of persecution just as You did on the Cross.

(Mention your personal intentions here)

Blessed Miguel Pro – Pray for us!
St. George – Pray for us!
St. Perpetua – Pray for us!
St. Felicity – Pray for us!
St. Dymphna – Pray for us!
Blessed Jose Maria Sanchez – Pray for us!
St. Eulalia – Pray for us!
Blessed Teresa of Augustine and the Martyrs of Compiègne – Pray for us!
St. Pedro Poveda Castroverde – Pray for us!
St. Thecla – Pray for us!
St. Pedro Calungsod – Pray for us!
St. Elias and St. Jeremy – Pray for us!


To help visit ChristiansAtRisk.org and Nasarean.org. Our persecuted brothers and sisters in faith face intimidation, torture and death for being disciples of Christ. We must assist them any way we can, even if only in prayer. Our prayers are always efficacious no matter how desperate the situation or the fact that God does not always grant our petitions.

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