June 17, 2016

A Catholic Response to Gender Ideology, Continued

Far too often our culture reduces human sexuality to a recreational activity with little regard for its significance or sacredness. Such an attitude fails to see the person as a unique creation made in the image of God. Women express the unrepeatable feminine incarnations of the human person that they are when they love their husbands. In so doing they honor and love God. Men express the unrepeatable masculine incarnations of the human person that they are when they love their wives. In so doing they also love God. Gender ideology has further devalued the notion that our bodies make visible what is invisible, the spiritual and divine. With such understandings under assault, parents today struggle to give their children an adequate education as to the true meaning of sexuality.

As mentioned previously, Jeffrey Mirus, Ph.D., has written extensively on the issues of gender ideology and conjugal love from the Catholic perspective. Dr. Mirus observes, "It is difficult to imagine any presentation which could better illustrate the total confusion of our culture’s concepts of personal identity and personal fulfillment, a confusion which flows from a complete misunderstanding of what it means to be human." Here are the published installments of his discussion of gender theory (with updates), plus, the Pontifical Council for the Family's guidelines for education within the family."The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality",

A Catholic Response to Gender Ideology

"Gender ideology and our fatal empire of desire"

"Gender Ideology 2: Personal disorder and personal sin"

"Gender Ideology 3: The value of personal relationships"

"Gender Ideology 4: The scourge of our inner life"

"Gender Ideology 5: Subversion of the social order"

"Gender Ideology 6: The common denominator of chastity"

The Truth and Meaning of Human Sexuality

"In the past, even when the family did not provide specific sexual education, the general culture was permeated by respect for fundamental values and hence served to protect and maintain them. In the greater part of society, both in developed and developing countries, the decline of traditional models has left children deprived of consistent and positive guidance, while parents find themselves unprepared to provide adequate answers. This new context is made worse by what we observe: an eclipse of the truth about man which, among other things, exerts pressure to reduce sex to something commonplace. In this area, society and the mass media most of the time provide depersonalized, recreational and often pessimistic information. Moreover, this information does not take into account the different stages of formation and development of children and young people, and it is influenced by a distorted individualistic concept of freedom, in an ambience lacking the basic values of life, human love and the family."  Continue reading...

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