May 29, 2016

May's Blog of Note: Shameless Popery

Shameless Popery

Since April 2009, the blog, Shameless Popery, has provided inquiring Catholics faithful, thoughtful articles about their faith. These include theological commentary, apologetics, scriptural exegesis and more. With writing that is clear and concise, Joe Heschmeyer, a seminarian for the Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas, tackles questions of interest from the controversial to the sublime. Recent post titles include "It’s Time to Re-Re-Evangelize the World", "The Incomprehensible Love of the Holy Trinity", "The Catholic Church Doesn’t Look Like the Early Church? Good." and "Why I’m a Theist, a Christian, a Catholic, and a Seminarian". The later, a 35 minute video, is worth watching. High school students especially would benefit from Heschmeyer's testimony.

The Catholic blogosphere hosts thousands of websites. Shameless Popery is among those that present Catholicism's rich intellectual heritage alongside contemporary analysis of present day challenges to the Church. Visit Shameless Popery for sound, orthodox answers to your theological questions, and make it part of your online itinerary.

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