April 10, 2016

ACTION ALERT | Women Speak For Themselves

For your information...

Women Speak For Themselves is a grassroots organization with more than 41,000 women from all 50 states and various political and religious backgrounds. Our list is made up of diverse and intelligent women–with thousands of doctors, lawyers, teachers, businesswomen, home- schooling mothers, and longtime community advocates. Our collaboration with each other — which began in 2012 — has produced hundreds of letters to the media, dozens of published editorials, town hall meetings, letters and meetings with congressional representatives, social media postings, and the occasional protest, all in support of women and religious freedom. Our efforts have shown time and again that women care about religious liberty, and that no one can speak for all women!

Women Speak For Themselves' website features articles, talking points, fact sheets, and other information concerning government assaults on religious freedom. Such knowledge is indispensable for the defense and protection of our religious liberty.

Here is the link to WSFT's YouTube channel.

Here is an interview about the WSFT organization and its efforts.

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