March 2, 2016

The Irony Behind the Oscar for Spotlight

Spotlight movie

Phil Lawler, editor of Catholic World News, has an excellent piece in First Things about the Oscar winning movie Spotlight. Separately, [via Catholic Culture] he observes the irony behind the award:
What's wrong with this picture?
◗ Spotlight has won the Oscar for Best Picture of 2015.
◗ The Oscar is presented by the Academy of Motion Picture  Arts and Sciences (AMPAS).
◗ Spotlight is the story of how, in 2002, the Boston Globe  exposed sexual abuse of children in the Boston archdiocese.
◗ For that same year, 2002, the Oscar for Best Director went  to Roman Polanski.
◗ But Polanski wasn't present to receive the Oscar, because  he fled the US in 1978, to avoid sentencing after pleading  guilty to sexual abuse of a child. ...
Go here to read it in full.

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