March 14, 2016

March's Blog of Note: Spirit-Digest


March's blog of note is Catholic first and always while also incorporating gems of our nation's Judeo-Catholic heritage. Spirit-Digest is an online clearinghouse of information, bringing you insightful content from across the Catholic blogosphere. If you appreciate faithful posts of interest to orthodox Catholics, with a focus on theology, the complementarity of reason and revelation, and other issues in the life of the Church, Spirit-Digest is a website worth your time. Articles about our constitutional republic and the liberties found therein, as well as threats to freedom/ human dignity at home and abroad, are also featured. Further down the page are links to various Catholic resources. The content is updated daily from a variety of sources. For this reason, Spirit-Digest is one of the sites I visit everyday. [Plus, all visitors are prayed for in a daily rosary. Grace + information!]

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