March 25, 2016

Good Friday | 2016

[Jesus said] "It is accomplished." Bowing his head, He gave up his spirit.
— John 19:30

Remember your mercies, O Lord, and with your most eternal protection sanctify your servants for whom Christ your Son, by the shedding of his Blood, established the Paschal Mystery.  Who lives and reigns for ever and ever. Amen

Today the whole Church mourns the death of our Savior. This is a day of sadness, spent in fasting and prayer. The title for this day varies in different parts of the world: "Holy Friday" for Latin nations, Slavs and Hungarians call it "Great Friday", in Germany it is "Friday of Mourning," In Norway, it is "Long Friday". Some view the term "Good Friday" [used in English and Dutch] as a corruption of the term "God's Friday". This is an obligatory day of fasting and abstinence. In Ireland, the "black fast" is practiced, which is to consume nothing but black tea and water.

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