February 15, 2016

The Late Justice Antonin Scalia Called Heterodox, Catholic Parish "an ecclesiastical playpen."

Antonin Scalia

Justice Antonin Scalia was Catholic to his core. The following account from his life illustrates his devotion to the faith, his repudiation of political correctness, and his unapologetic defense of Divine Truth as taught by the Catholic Church. The Chicago Tribune reported that:
[Scalia] worships at a suburban Virginia parish popular with conservative Catholics, who erected a monument to unborn children two years ago as a symbol to their opposition to abortion. While living in Chicago's Hyde Park neighborhood, he once complained to the pastor about the parish becoming too trendy and "an ecclesiastical playpen."
The Virginia parish where Justice Scalia worshiped was in the Arlington Diocese [It is also the diocese where the late Justice's son, Fr. Paul Scalia, is a priest]. Then, as now, Arlington is among the most orthodox dioceses in the nation with an abundance of seminarians.

Source "No Contest: Top Court's Top Fighter Is Scalia – Verbal Combat Is Conservative's Forte", Chicago Tribune, May 27, 1997.

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