November 5, 2015

You Can Still Gain Indulgences for the Poor Souls in Purgatory

Souls in Purgatory
Two and 1/2  days left to earn indulgences for the faithful departed in Purgatory:
A partial indulgence can be obtained by devoutly visiting a cemetery and praying for the departed, even if the prayer is only mental. One may obtain a plenary indulgence by visiting a cemetery each day between November 1st - 8th.
You may pray for a friend or loved one who has died. You may also offer prayers for those forgotten souls with no one to remember them. We can be sure that there is no such thing as a superfluous or useless prayer. No prayer is lost. No sacrifice wasted. God in his goodness will put our prayers, petitions and worship to the most efficacious end.


Every time you attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass:

◗ Piously hearing Mass affords souls in Purgatory the greatest relief.

◗ You shorten your Purgatory by every Mass.

The poor souls, upon attaining Heaven, will intercede on your behalf.

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