November 14, 2015

Vatican Statement on Paris Terrorist Attack. Pope: "There is no religious or human rational for this."

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Holy See press office director Fr. Federico Lombardi issued the following statement regarding the terrorist attacks Friday evening in Paris:
Here in the Vatican we are following the terrible news from Paris. We are shocked by this new manifestation of maddening, terrorist violence and hatred which we condemn in the most radical way together with the Pope and all those who love peace. We pray for the victims and the wounded, and for all the French people. This is an attack on peace for all humanity, and it requires a decisive, supportive response on the part of all of us as we counter the spread of homicidal hatred in all of its forms.
Saturday, in a telephone interview with the Italian Bishops Conference’s television network, Pope Francis was asked about the tragedy:

Your Holiness, what are your thoughts concerning the carnage in Paris?

I do not understand. Such things are hard to comprehend when they are perpetrated by human beings. I am moved and I am saddened. I pray for the victims. I am close to the people of France, to the families of the victims, and I am praying for all of them.

You have spoken often [in the past] of a "Third World War." Is this part of a piecemeal Third World War? 

This is a piece of it. There are no justifications for these things. There is no religious or human rational for this. This is not human.

Below is the telegram that Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, sent to Cardinal Vingt-Trois, Archbishop of Paris, on behalf of Pope Francis:
Informed of the horrific terrorist attacks that occurred in Paris and at the Stade de France, killing a great number of people and wounding many others, His Holiness Pope Francis joins in prayer with the suffering of families affected by the drama and the pain of the French people. He invokes God, Father of mercy, asking that He welcome the victims into the peace of His light and bring comfort and hope to the injured and their families. He assures them, and all personnel participating in aid efforts, of his spiritual closeness. Once again, the Holy Father vigorously condemns violence, which cannot solve anything, and he asks God to inspire thoughts of peace and solidarity in all and to impart on families in this trial and on all of the French people, the abundance of His Blessings.
Vive la France! Cradle of saints. May God Bless her, now and always.


David Sharples said...

"no rational"?
Does Pope Francis understand what Islam is, what it's writings (Hadith) say, how there is no central teaching authority, how the Quran in its call for killing is taken as a divine call and how it can motivate some people to die as martyrs in killing unbelievers?
Does he understand the lie?

Nick said...

Exactly David...I'm tired of people who aren't Muslim pretending to know what Islam is more than Islamists themselves. And entire soccer stadium filled with fans from Turkey booed and yelled Allah-Akbar during the moment of silence for the Paris victims. Was the whole stadium filled with ISIS extremists?