October 27, 2015

October's Blog of Note: Catholic Sacristan

October's blog of note is Catholic Sacristan. Established in 2011, the site is "an oasis of truth, goodness & beauty in the desert of the world wide web." Focusing on the transcendentals of being — each transcending the limitations of time and place, as the objective properties of all that exists, Catholic Sacristan presents the Catholic Church as the fullness of truth. It's mission statement explains the blog's raison d'être:
Why an oasis? An oasis is a pool of refreshing water in an otherwise bleak landscape. The "water" offered here is often drawn from other wells (blogs, websites) that offer safe drinking water.
If the water here presented contains elements foreign to the Catholic Faith, then the blog-keeper will always defer to the Magisterium and remove or modify content that does not accurately present the true, the good and the beautiful as conserved in the Church's Apostolic Tradition.
Catholic Sacristan is oriented to Catholic Tradition: true teaching and beautiful Liturgy, that is the holy and dignified Mass — the source and summit of the Church's life; the inalienable right to life, the right from which all other rights flow; (other) inalienable rights, especially freedom of religion, freedom of conscience and freedom of speech...

In addition to featuring faithful content, the blog offers links to additional sites that follow the Magisterium and uphold the Deposit of Faith. Make Catholic Sacristan a part of your internet viewing itinerary. It is well worth your time.

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