September 28, 2015

September's Blog of Note: Catholic in My Write Mind

Catholic in My Write Mind

September's blog of note is Catholic in My Write Mind — one Catholic writer vs. the post Christian culture. It is the creation of writer, publisher and Catholic apologist, Felix Whelan; who lives with his wife, Carol Ann, daughter, Kate and son, Conner, in rural Missouri alongside twenty or so dogs, cats, chickens, sheep and goats on their one acre farm. Rejecting society's increasingly secular proscriptions; Felix blogs about culture, creativity and all things Catholic. He is the author of the futuristic Christian fiction novel, Children of the Good, in addition to establishing two publishing ventures:

eSaint Library makes available great works of the Saints and other classics of Catholic spirituality, published in affordable, colorfully illustrated editions and formatted for study on a variety of today’s eReader devices. eSaint Library also develops original anthologies derived from the writings of the Saints, and people of heroic virtue, that focus on specific themes of Catholic Doctrine and life.

Better Days Books produces quality reprint editions of classic American non-fiction books, focusing on titles that uniquely capture the spirit of the 18th, 19th and early 20th Centuries – times when courage, self-reliance, clean living and upright moral virtue defined the common character of the American people. The primary focus of Better Days Books is on traditional skills, homestead knowledge, and old fashioned holiday customs and traditions.

Visit Catholic in My Write Mind for unique, faith filled commentary about Catholicism and the world at large.

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