September 16, 2015

10 Historical Periods in the Church Worse Than Today

Excellent post on Epicpew about "10 Historical Periods in the Church Worse Than Today" An excerpt:
It is very easy for us to fall into the trap of believing that our age is some how special or much worse compared to previous ages. From the standpoint of world history, the last Century was the bloodiest on record, that seems to be undeniably true. But what about in Church History? The Synod on the Family has people up in arms about information and misinformation that is coming out of Rome. This cycle of misinformation will ramp up again next month when the Synod resumes. The reality is, however, that open discussion is how the Church conducts her affairs and then she makes pronouncements or clarifies doctrine after the discussion has closed. Far too many people are arguing that the Church is “doomed”, she’s filled with heretics (what’s new?!), and major changes are coming to the Church. It is frequently claimed that we are witnessing the worst period in the Church’s history. I’m afraid reality doesn’t support that assertion ....
As dire as things seem (especially for our brothers and sisters in the Middle East) this article reminds us that Christ, and those who follow him, have been persecuted continuously throughout history.

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