August 4, 2015

Was Adam from Mars and Eve from Venus? Or were Adam and Eve both from Eden?

The temptation of Adam and Eve by the serpentPop Psychology vs. Catholic Theology

The book Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus tries to explain male/female relationships by examining the differing emotional needs and perceptions of spouses. The Church teaches and Sacred Scripture testifies that men and women were both from Eden before sin and selfishness replaced love and selflessness. When our first parents turned away from God, the source of life, goodness, truth and beauty, it altered every aspect of existence.

Love, courtship and marriage are difficult under the best of circumstances. One thing is clear, men and women, though equal in dignity are fundamentally different so as to complement each other. Some call this a stereotype. Others dismiss it as chauvinism. Our Creator said, "Viva la difference." In making us male and female, God is telling us things otherwise unknowable, about human beings and Himself.

Saint John Paul II observed that in "the beginning," man and woman viewed each other "with all the peace of the interior gaze," and were not ashamed. He reminds us that the person is a divine gift; Adam and Eve were a gift to each other. Their bodies revealed this, speaking a language of love, untainted by lust and desire.

When sin entered the world paradise, was lost, paving the way for the battle of the sexes. Still, the remnant of grace, the echo of original innocence, is indelibly inscribed on our hearts. The life-giving love between husband and wife is a sign of this grace. Even in our fallen state, the differences between the sexes should be viewed as an opportunity to grow in holiness. Unfortunately, they can also lead to misunderstandings, miscommunication and pain. We can overcome this, but only with humility and God’s help.

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