August 6, 2015

The Transfiguration of Christ in Art and Iconography

The following depictions of the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ are a selection of our favorite artistic and religious representations of this momentous event in our Lord's earthly ministry.

The Transfiguration, Raphael, 1520

The Transfiguration is the last painting by the Italian High Renaissance master Raphael. It was commissioned by Pope Clement VII as an altarpiece for the Narbonne Cathedral in France. Raphael worked on it until his death in 1520.

Transfiguration of Jesus. Bloch,  c 1878

Transfiguration of Christ, Bellini, 1490

Orthodox Icon, date unknown

Transfiguration, Perugino, c 1500 

Eastern Orthodox Icon, date unknown

Greek Orthodox Icon, date unknown

Transfiguration icon, Theophanes, 1408

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