August 28, 2015

August's Blog of Note: The New Theological Movement

August's blog of note ceased publication in December 2014. The New Theological Movement emanated from the minds of Father Ryan Erlenbush and a fellow diocesan priest who was the site's webmaster. Despite it's inactive status, The New Theological Movement Blog emanates from the minds of Father Ryan Erlenbush and a fellow diocesan priest who is the site's webmaster. NTM is a treasure trove of theological commentary, apologetics, scriptural exegesis and more. From the About page: "The aim of this blog, first and foremost, is to write for the benefit of the Catholic faithful and clergy. We will try to make the articles neither too academic such that they would belong in a theologically technical publication, nor merely 'popular.'"

Fr. Erlenbush describes his method of theological interpretation thusly: "The Catechism of the Catholic Church is 'the sure norm of truth' to which we will remain faithful. (John Paul II, Laetamur Magnopere). It goes without saying that whatever is written will strive to be in full harmony with the Church's Magisterium, so that those who visit this site may be sure that they are receiving Catholic doctrine."

Because blogs tend towards jumbled writing, the NTM blog utilizes a two tiered approach to posts to bring order to the information presented. First, there is the blog reel on the front page consisting of smaller theological articles. The second tier is the category called "Series." These posts extend over long periods of time and focus on specific theological topics.

Visit The New Theological Movement for sound, orthodox answers to your theological questions.

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