June 3, 2010

Seven Habits of a Happy Marriage

The Europe for Christ newsletter has an excellent piece by P. Johannes Lechner CSJ on the seven habits of a happy marriage.

1. Bring joy to your spouse. e.g. embody the love of kindness. mindfulness of the other is the key to their heart.

2. Maintain pleasant rituals and traditions of love and friendship. Create a world of symbols in which over and over again visible gestures remind us of our inner love. Compliments, calling each other every day and celebrating birthdays etc.

3. Speak openly and honestly with one another. Talk about fears, frustrations, feelings, desires.

4. Be skilful in difficult matters and smart in communication.

5. Always turn to the other. Do not turn away from one another.

6. Let a mutual life be inspired by a joint vision.

7. Keep up mutual prayer. Prayer connects people with God and with one another.

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