March 15, 2010

Five Key Virtues For A Happy Marriage:

I. Obedience – Obedience to God is the foundation of a happy life. This requires us to make sacrifices in big ways and little ways. Obedience requires faith and strength of character. Whatever our chosen vocation, obedience and the discipline that flows from it girds us daily to become more of the person God is calling you to be. People looking to marry should seek a spouse who is obedient both to God’s law and the laws of the state.

II. Kindness – Kindness is in many ways the linchpin of any good relationship. Husband and wife should strive to be kind towards each other and the world at large. Every marriage is a light to the world – a shining example of love and human commitment. Kindness forces us to choose our words carefully. Kindness goes hand in hand with respecting others – including our spouses.

III. Patience – The most obvious virtue to practice in a happy, fulfilled marriage is patience. Patience is key to understanding and charity. Husbands and wives practice patience at every point in their married live. Patience fosters other virtues and draws a couple closer together.

IV. Humility – Being humble before God and man makes us ever more Christlike. Humility is a gateway through which love is able to flow freely. Spouses must pray for each other and do things for the other without expecting anything in return. Christ gave his very body to us just as husband and wife are called to donate their bodies to each other.

V. Love – By loving each other with life-giving love, husband and wife mirror the life-giving love that is the inner life of the Trinity. Love makes all things possible. Without love, obedience, kindness, patience, and humility would be impossible. Through love we can reflect God’s life in and through our families. The love between husband and wife is a lifetime commitment that includes an openness to children. The love of marriage is most powerful when it results in another human being, capable of bringing still more love into the world.

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Irishcobra said...

I enjoyed this blog. I am doing an assignment on Christian mariage at the moment and found this helpful in male/female relationships.