September 29, 2009

Review: Discovering Mary

David Mills, a convert to Catholicism, takes readers on a systematic, faith filled journey to discover Mary, the mother of God, as found in Sacred Scripture, tradition, and Church teaching. Delving into the Gospels, Mills examines Mary in the life of Jesus, as a mother, a wife, a devout Jew, and a follower of Christ. Mills continues, looking at the development of Marianology and Marian doctrine as seen in the life of the Church.

This book is perfect for those who are skeptical of Catholic devotion to Mary. The author admits to sharing this skepticism before discovering and understanding the reasons behind this devotion. Readers are taken on a step by step approach, looking at Mary from different vantage points, to see the “new Eve” in all her theological significance. Discovering Mary is written in a scholarly but straight-forward way. I highly recommend it.

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