May 21, 2009

Marriage - The Nuptial Blessing

Robert L. Fastiggi

From What the Church Teaches About Sex: God's Plan For Human Happiness

Getting married is certainly a "rite of passage," but it's much more. It is a sacrament, a holy mystery, "an efficacious sign instituted by Christ and entrusted to the Church, by which divine life is entrusted to us." One of the most beautiful prayers in the "Rite of Marriage," is the nuptial blessing given by the priest that says:
Father, You have made the union of man and wife so holy a mystery that it symbolizes the marriage of Christ and His Church.
Father, by your plan man and woman are united, and married life has been established as the one blessing that was not forfeited by original sin or washed away by the flood.
Marriage is a sacred mystery that symbolizes the covenantal love between Christ and His Church (cf. Eph. 5:21-32). It is a primordial blessing that goes back to the creation of the human race. The dynamics of this blessing should be obvious: love, intimacy, communion, and fruitfulness. So precious are these gifts that God preserved them for humanity even after the fall.


Anonymous said...

In light of this, how could any catholic ever recognize gay marriage?

Dumb Ox said...

"In light of this, how could any catholic ever recognize gay marriage?" Amen to that!

Cheryl Jones said...

I agree.