May 26, 2009

Dumb Ox


What the controversy shows us

By and large, the protests and expressions of dissent were peaceful and prayerful. It is good that Catholics made their voices heard. Hopefully Notre Dame alumni and benefactors will express their displeasure by withholding their checks. This would get Notre Dame's attention like nothing else.

On a cultural level, devout Catholics can be rightfully proud that the protests were carried out with dignity. Just as important, the holocaust that is abortion was highlighted for the whole world to see. This galvanized pro-life advocates across the nation. The truth is great. It will prevail. In this we can take comfort.


Carol said...

Well written but for us Catholics that struggle because of small errors of judgement and now punished because we were stupid wonder how a church can make such heart robbing mistakes and the Pope doesn't respond or condemm. I have recieved worse for a divorce than the collage will ever experience.

Jim H. said...

I am not a ND alum, but stopped taking online theology courses through Notre Dame (now using University of Dayton). Great blog, thanks.