February 26, 2013

Ratzinger to Keep Papal Name Benedict XVI

Ratzinger will still be addressed as “Your Holiness” and is to be given the title “Pope Emeritus” when he steps down from the Throne of St. Peter. He will wear a simple white cassock but will no longer be able to wear the red papal shoes. The first Congregation of Cardinals will be held on 4 March

Joseph Ratzinger will be keeping his papal name when he leaves the Throne of Peter after 8 pm on 28 February: he will keep the name Benedict XVI and the title “His Holiness” and will be called 'Pope Emeritus' or 'Roman Pontiff Emeritus'.

During a press conference this morning, the Vatican’s spokesman explained that Ratzinger will continue to wear the “simple white” papal cassock, but without the shoulder cape. Fr. Lombardi also said he would no longer wear the red papal shoes. “The Pope did have a brown pair as well – the spokesman explained – and was particularly fond of a pair of shoes that were given to him as a gift in Leon, during his trip to Mexico in 2012.


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