February 28, 2013

Benedict XVI’s Last Day as Pope

14:05 Benedict XVI is due to arrive in Castel Gandolfo at 17:30 (CET). 

It is still not known exactly how many cardinals will be present at the Conclave, especially as some are ill.

13.50 Benedict will send his last tweet at 17:00 (CET).

During the sede vacante period, Benedict XVI’s Twitter account will be frozen until a successor is chosen.

13:49 CTV and Telepace will give live coverage of the Pope’s departure

When Benedict XVI’s papacy comes to a formal end this evening at 20:00 (CET), “the gates to Castel Gandolfo will be drawn shut” and in the Vatican “the papal apartment and the lift that leads directly to the apartment will be sealed off, that is all as far as I know,” the director of the Vatican Press Office, Fr. Federico Lombardi said during this morning’s press conference. He also said the closing of the gates at Castel Gandolfo will be broadcast live by CTV.

Media statistics:

There are 3641 journalists accredited by the Holy See Press Office, representing 968 newspapers of 61 nations, in 24 different languages. 336 journalists – 156 photographers – 2470 television networks – 231 radio stations and 115 websites. Fr. Lombardi has confirmed a visit to the Sistine Chapel before the Conclave, the news about the general congregations which will be held in the New Synod Hall and the Mass pro eligendo.

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