June 5, 2012

Questioning the Timing on the Times' Attack on Cardinal Dolan

It's hard not to see the invisible hand of progressive punishment behind a recent NY Times story attacking Cardinal Timothy Dolan. You only have to look at the timeline to wonder if this is really just a coincidence that this old story is suddenly news again.

The White House has been in a months-long battle with the Catholic Church over the issue of providing contraceptives. Sandra Fluke and the "war on women" were all White House driven media plays designed to spin a losing political battle into a win. It hasn't been working very well if polls are to be believed.

Two weeks ago, the Catholic Church took the issue to a new level when it sued the administration on religious liberty grounds. Right there in the forefront of the Times' coverage is Cardinal Dolan, "We have tried negotiations with the administration and legislation with the Congress — and we’ll keep at it — but there’s still no fix."

The next day, May 22nd, the Times published a Maureen Dowd column titled "Father Doesn't Know Best" which attacked the Catholic Church in general and the "pugnacious" Cardinal Dolan in particular. The gist of the piece is straight from DNC talking points, i.e. the lawsuit is part of a war on women by the bishops.

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