September 4, 2011

Living the Gospel of Life

How does one live the gospel of life in the hussel and bussel of everyday life? Was it easier for Mary and Joseph who had Christ in their midst? I think if we contemplate the life of the Holy Family we find that the answer is no. They had their own crosses and sufferings as much because of Jesus.

As with the Holy Family, we suffer difficulties and challenges of all types. The first thing to remember is that suffering redounds to our eternal good. Just as Christ's passion and death produced a weight of incomparable glory for all humanity. We can unite our suffering with Christ's on the cross, as members of his body here on earth. Thus, even our sufferings and misfortune can advance the Kingdom of God and give glory to his name.

But as we all know, life is more than suffering. Living the gospel of life means keeping God first and foremost. We must never forget that in body and mind we are temples of the Holy Spirit. Everyone we interact with is a child of God as are we. In everything we say and do we must be a light to the world. This means acting as Christ would act.

Speaking of Christ, being with Him had its pitfalls but it had to have its joys as well. Do we radiate joy to others in our lives? Do we inspire hope and love in others? These are just a few thoughts to contemplate.  

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