February 15, 2011


A friend of mine has taken an interest in Medjugorje. If you are not aware, Medjugorje is the Yugoslavian village where the Blessed Virgin Mary is reported to have first appeared to six young people in June of 1981. By all accounts the Virgin Mary continues to appear daily to the visionaries who are no longer children.

My friend attended a talk by a seminarian, now a priest, a few years ago. The seminarian had earlier read a book about Medjugorje and then visited Medjugorje where he was met with conversion. My friend more recently happened upon a book titled Medjugorje The Message published in 1989 by Wayne Weible that has increased his interest.

I am skeptical of the Medjugorje events and the Church has yet to recognize or officially approve of the events at Medjugorje.

I would be interest to hear whether you have had a personal experience with Medjugorje or have a particular opinion of the events there. If you would write a brief description of your experience including your first name and location of your community and E-mail it to bigccatholics@gmail.com I would post your remarks here on the web site.

As a result of his interest my friend has begun to say the daily rosary

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