August 22, 2010

Questions to help me live the theology of the body in everyday life; An examination of conscience:

Do I objectify members of the opposite sex in my thoughts words and actions? Am I convinced that every person is made in the image and likeness of God? Do I foster and nourish this conviction by reflecting often on the dignity of the people around me? Do I ever allow myself the thought that someone else's body/personhood is inferior to my own? Do I sometimes think that I have "more important" things to do than safeguard the dignity of others? Do I believe I am responsible for my dress, modesty, thoughts, words and actions and ultimately accountable to God for what I do? Do I have the courage to remind myself of this by dressing and acting in ways that dignify my body and the bodies of others?

Do I pray daily and explicitly for an end to abortion? Do I see the link between abortion and other assaults on human life and dignity? Do I acknowledge that progress in any arena for the defense of life facilitates progress in all the other arenas?

Do I have faith that God is the Lord of Life? Do I believe the whole struggle is in His hands, and that He has already conquered evil, falsehood, and death? Do I trust Him? Do I ask His guidance? Do I keep my eyes on Him, or do I allow discouragement by focusing only on problems and myself?

Am I learning more about marriage and the Church? Do I live a sacramental life? Do I receive the Eucharist at least once a week on the Sabbath? Do I honor the Sabbath? Do I frequent the sacrament of confession? Do I escape from taking action by thinking that prayer alone is enough? Am I developing all the talents God gave me so that I can use them to advance the Culture of Life? Am I open to a religious vocation if God is calling me to one?

Do I speak up in defense of life, the Church and the Pope?

Do I take proper care of myself, physically and spiritually, so that I can be more effective in my daily life and work? Do I rest when I need to?

Do I foster unity in the Church? Do I encourage my fellow Catholics? Are all of my efforts guided by charity? Do I seek the advice and input of others in the Church, especially of those more experienced than I?

Do I try to grow in compassion for sinners? Do I try to understand their situation and learn more about their needs? Do I acknowledge that I too am a sinner? Do I inspire hope in others? Do I help them find forgiveness and healing? Do I foster charity in thought, word, and deed toward those who disagree with me?

Am I ready from this day forward to be a better Catholic? Am I ready to launch out with new strength, generosity, and determination, without counting the cost to myself? Am I grateful enough for the gift of life to work to give life to others? Do I thank God for the privilege of being his son/daughter?

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