July 19, 2010

The Devil and Madison Avenue

According to Wikipedia, "Madison Avenue is a north-south avenue in the borough of Manhattan in New York City that carries northbound one-way traffic. It runs from Madison Square (at 23rd Street) to the Madison Avenue Bridge at 138th Street. In doing so, it passes through Midtown, the Upper East Side (including Carnegie Hill), Spanish Harlem, and Harlem. It is named after and arises from Madison Square, which is itself named after James Madison, the fourth President of the United States. Since the 1920s, the street's name has been synonymous with the American advertising industry."

It is the last part of this description that concerns us. For nearly a hundred years Madison Avenue has shaped the mass communications media, influencing everything from advertisements to movies. Sexual messages are thrust upon us everywhere. The sexual content of most television programs are a negative influence especially on the young. They portray contraception, active homosexuality, lying, theft, and revenge as morally neutral or good. Sacred Scripture teaches and the teaching authority of the Church affirm that they are contrary to the will of God.

To combat this negative influence, strong fanilies are needed; families that mirror the love of God. This is essential if we are to transform the culture in which we live.

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