June 10, 2010

Making a Good Confession, Part 6

This is the last in our series of posts on how to go to confession.

Examination of Conscience (2 of 2 Parts)

Have I offended against purity in thought, word, or deed?

Have I stolen or destroyed another’s property?

Have I accepted stolen goods?

Have I failed to pay my just debts?

Have I scandalized or been a bad example to my family or others?

Have I lied, repeated gossip, or hurt another’s character?

Have I been sinfully proud, greedy, angry, envious, jealous, or intemperate in eating or drinking?

Have I used illegal drugs or abused controlled substances?

Have I failed to observe the Church’s laws of fasting and abstinence?

Have I failed to support the Church?

Have I failed to receive Communion during Eastertime?

Have I sinned against the duties of married life?

Have I failed to show the love, respect, and good example due my spouse?

Have I neglected my duties to my children concerning their religious instruction, education, or cultivation of good habits?

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