June 8, 2010

Making a Good Confession, Part 5

This is the fifth in our series of posts on how to go to confession.

Examination of Conscience (1 of 2 Parts)

How long has it been since my last confession?

Did I conceal any sin?

Did I fail to do my penance?

Have I neglected my home or family duties, work or school?

Have I been lazy, neglectful, or willfully distracted at prayer or Holy Mass?

Have I used God’s name irreverently or taken false of unnecessary oaths?

Have I missed Holy Mass on Sundays or Holy Days through my own fault?

Have I done unnecessary work on Sunday?

Have I disobeyed, or been disrespectful to my superiors (parents, teachers, employer)?

Have I been unjust or unkind to those under my authority?

Have I quarreled with, or purposely hurt, anyone?

Have I been cruel (physically or mentally to anyone?

Have I had an abortion or assisted someone else in having one?

Have I caused or led anyone else to commit sin?

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