May 14, 2010

New Volume of Pope Benedict's Jesus of Nazareth Coming Out Soon

Benedict XVI finished the second volume of his work "Jesus of Nazareth," which was given to the publishers a few days ago.

A note of the Vatican press office explains that the book focuses on the Passion and Resurrection of Christ. The first volume of "Jesus of Nazareth" was published in April 2007, coinciding with the Pontiff's 80th birthday.

The Vatican clarified that "the German original has been given at the same time to Manuel Herder, the German editor who is publishing the Complete Works of Joseph Ratzinger, and to Father Giuseppe Costa, director of the Libreria Editrice Vaticana. The latter is in charge of the concession of the rights of the author, it will publish the Italian edition and will give the text to other authors for the different translations into other languages, which will be done directly from the German original."

"It is hoped that the publication of the book will take place contemporaneously in the most widespread languages. Hence, no matter how fast it is, it will still require several months, given the time necessary for a careful translation of such an important and awaited text," the communiqué noted.

The book is signed with the composite name Joseph Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI.

Work on "Jesus of Nazareth" began in 2003, when Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

From Zenit News H/T The Sacred Page

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Fr Petroc said...

The first volume was excellent and I look forward with great expectation for this next volume. Another book I can recommend by the Holy Father is his Introduction to Christianity. the book was published in 1968 with a new preface in 2000. It really does set out the essence of the Pope's thought and in many ways amplifies Jesus of Nazareth.